After you have chosen the university and the program, you should send us the following documents to

  • Filled Application Form(Download- .DOC .PDF)
  • Copy of International Passport. (minimum valid for two years)
  • Copy of Higher Secondary School Certificate (with subject details)(in English or Russian)

All documents should be properly scanned and clearly readable.

After receiving documents, we submit the documents to the university. The official response will be received within 2-3 days about your admission. If you will be accepted then we shall issue you Acceptance letter and Admission Confirmation Letter in one working day.

To Get Invitation Letter

We need:

  • Filled Application Form(Download- .DOC .PDF)
  • Copy of International Passport (minimum valid for two years)
  • Copy of School Certificate (with subject details)
  • Copy of Bachelor`s Degree(if applying to Master`s Degree)

Invitations are issued by the Federal Migration Service of RF and it takes 35-40 days to issue the invitation letter.  After receiving the confirmation letter and offer letter from us that your application is approved and information about the course program, cost and services. you should send the invitation preparation fee, processing of application fee and service fee. Once your invitation is ready we shall send you invitation letter and all other documents to apply for a student visa in your country.


After you receive invitation letter, you will have to collect a document package and contact the Embassy of Russian Federation (consulate department).

General Visa Requirements are as follows:

  • Original Invitation letter
  • Original international passport (minimum valid for two years)
  • Higher Secondary School certificate (should be legalized)
  • Medical Certificate showing absence of Aids/HIV (should be legalized)
  • 2 Passport size Photos (3.5 x 4.5)

Russian embassy can require some additional documents.

Your visa support letter is valid for 90 days. The expiration date of the visa support letter and entrance visa is the same. You are obliged to arrive in Russia a month before the expiration date of the visa. After receiving the visa, send to us the information about your travel route (airline, flight number, arrival time, etc.) for the organisation of the pick-up service. You are obliged to arrive in Russia 5 working days before the beginning of the classes, and not later than a month before the expiration date of the visa.


Please, save all the tickets and a Migration card (you’ll get it on the intersection of the frontier) for submission to the University upon your arrival.

Right after arrival submit the following package of documents:

  • originals of the educational documents (legalized in a proper way),
  • international passport,
  • migration card,
  • 6 matte photos (3 х 4),
  • medical certificate proving the ability of a student to study (with obligatory marks of tuberculosis, Lepra, venereal diseases and malaria).


Our Services

  • Assistance in selecting the best University for a certain program
  • Issuance of Confirmation
  • Invitation letter from choosen University
  • Visa Supporting Letter from the Federal Migration Service (via the Ministry of Foreign Affairs)
  • Airport pickup, Transfer to University
  • Assistance in getting Immigration Clearance on arrival
  • Accommodation arrangement in a hostel
  • Assistance in getting Health Insurance
  • Assistance in opening a Bank Account in Russia
  • Providing support to our students during a whole period of studies
  • Arrangement for separate rooms for female students
  • Obtaining sim-card with limitless internet packet
  • Extension of Visa from FMS (the Federal Migration Service) department
  • Visa support during the entire period of study
  • Registration at University and Visa Registration at the Federal Migration Service
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