When do applications to Russian universities open?

Application for foreign students open in 1 January, till the end of July Students can apply for admission.

When does academic year start in Russian universities?

Basic programme classes in Russia start on 1 September and end on 30 June. In certain cases, universities can make an exception for international students and accept their late applications. There are two semesters: the first one is from 1t of September to 25th of January, the second one is from 9th of February to 30th of June.

How can I study in Russia if I don't know Russian?

You can choose to study Russian at the university’s international student pre-school or Russian language courses.You can learn Russian at the Preparatory Department for foreigners or at Russian language courses at the university.

What do preparatory departments for international students teach?

Russian universities have Preparatory Departments where international students study for one year. As a rule, length of study is one year; shorter or longer programmes are available as well. In addition to the Russian language, students study other subjects, depending on the chosen programme, e.g. Maths, Chemistry, or Biology.

Do Russian universities provide their students with dormitory places?

Russian universities provide their full-time students with dormitory places. All dormitories have kitchens where students can cook their everyday meals, laundry facilities, essential furniture in students’ rooms and wi fi or Ethernet. Dormitory accommodation rates are much lower than hotel or private apartment rent.

Can I become a Russian citizen after graduating from a Russian university?

A foreign national graduating from a Russian university can obtain Russian citizenship under a simplified procedure if several conditions are met: they should complete government-accredited basic education programmes at a state-owned university in the Russian territory. Also, they must have at least three years of working experience in their profession in Russia before applying for Russian citizenship.

How much money does an average student spend in Russia? How much do I need to bring with me?

On average, a Russian student spends 300 to 400 US dollars a month. However, you need to have around 300 or 400 dollars for miscellaneous expenses, such as health insurance, household equipment (kitchenware, bed linen, and cleaning items), and certain study materials. It’s an approximate sum that depends on your habits and needs.

Are there any age limits for applicants to Russian universities?

Russian legislation sets no age limits for prospective students entering higher education. To meet basic requirements for Russian university enrolment, they need to have completed general or vocational secondary education and provide documented proof thereof.

Can foreigners study and work in Russia at the same time?

Yes, international students can work at the university (or at its organizations) on their free time.

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