The city of Kemerovo is the large industrial, administrative and cultural center of Kemerovo region. It is situated on the banks of the river Tom.

Kemerovo is a junction of highway and railroad lines, it is located in the southeast of Western Siberia, in the center of the Kuznetsk hollow, on the both banks of the river Tom.

Now Kemerovo is one of the largest industrial centers in the east of Russia, the city of power engineering, machine building, and chemistry.


City was founded in 1918. Shcheglovo was the old name of the city. In 1932, this name was changed to Kemerovo.

Before the establishment of city, many villages were present near this region. With the passage of time, these villages were emerged in the city.


The public interest for bandy is widespread in Russia. 26,000 watched the opening game of the 2011–12 Russian Bandy League when local club Kuzbass played against Dynamo Moscow[17] and Kuzbass is among the very best in the Russian Bandy League.[18] The 2007 Bandy World Championship was held in the city.[19] Female bandy only exists in a few places in Russia. Now Kemerovo is about to start it up. Moscow already had two multi-use indoor arenas where bandy can be played. Kemerovo got the first one in Russia specifically built for bandy. Kuzbass plays the matches in the league at Khimik Stadium because of the big public interest. That arena has a capacity of 32000. As it also is equipped with artificial ice, Kemerovo has the best infrastructure for developing bandy in Russia.Since 2013 there has been a “bandy on boots” tournament for national diasporas living in Kuzbass.

Population: 549,000 people


Libraries: 28

Museums: 7

Airport: 1

Railway stations: 1

Universities in Kemerovo

Kemerovo State Medical Academy

Kemerovo State University

Kemerovo State University of Culture and Arts

Kuzbas State Technical University

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