Omsk is one of the largest cities of West-Siberian region of Russia. In the west and north Omsk region borders with Tyumen region, in the east it borders with Tomsk and Novosibirsk regions, in the south and south-west — with Republic of Kazakhstan.The distance from Moscow to Omsk is 2 555 km.


Omsk is one of the cultural centers of Siberia. There are 47 public libraries with the fund of 5.6 mln. exemplars, 9 useums, 23 institutes of entertainment, 9 professional theaters, State circus, Concert Hall and Organ Music Hall of Omsk Philharmonic.

Theaters of Omsk are well known in Russia as well as abroad. They represent different genres of dramatic art for adults and children. Many times Omsk theaters have been taking part in national and international festivals and have been awarded prestigious drama prizes. Annually more than 500 cultural events like festivals, exhibitions, concerts take place in Omsk.

City of Science

Omsk is a leader among Siberian cities as per the number of higher and specialized educational institu­tions.

Omsk universities and institutes are well known for its high level education in different branches of knowledge: medicine, transport, agriculture, jurisprudence, economy, business, pedagogic, natural sciences, philology, history, culture and arts. Students from other cities and countries study at Omsk institutions of higher education.

41 organizations including institutions of Omsk scientific centre of Siberian branch of Russian Academy of Science are engaged in various scientific researches and developments.

City of Sports

The city has rich sports traditions. There are 2 038 sports constructions in operation in Omsk including 7 stadiums, 474 sports halls and 58 swimming pools. Every year such sports events as Siberian International Marathon, All-Russian Day of Run “Cross-country Race of Nations”, complex Olympics “Sports City”, sports festival “Velo-Omsk” etc. take place. Omsk sportsmen take medal places in Olympics and Paralympics, European and world championships.

Population: 1.2 million people


Libraries: 47

Museums: 10

Airport: 1

Railway stations: 1

Universities in Omsk

Omsk State University

Omsk State Medical Academy

Omsk State Technical University

Omsk State Pedagogical University

Omsk State Agrarian University

Omsk State Transport University

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