Preparotory Department

The most of the higher education programs in Russian universities are taught in Russian. Preparatory courses can prepare you for your future studies anywhere all over Russia. For the foreign students, who don’t know Russian or whose knowledge is not enough, preparatory courses  prepare you for further higher education in Russia.

What do you study

A majority of universities offer preparatory courses for different education levels (for example, for bachelor’s and master’s degree students). As a rule, courses start in September-October and end in June-July.Students study the subjects corresponding to their further profile.

Length of preparatory course

The preparatory  courses are calculated for one or one and a half year. During this time, you will meet the Russian culture, mentality and will get to know the city where you will study.

Preparatory Department tuition fees

Tuition fee depends on the city and university. prices vary from $ 1200 to $ 4500.  For example, the Preparatory Departments of Tomsk satate university charge 156, 000 rubles (2300$) for a one-year programme. At Novosibirsk  State University 120,000 rubles (1800$),at Saint Petersburg Electrotechnical University “LETI” and 84,000 rubles (1250$).

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